Saturday, 6 September 2014

Fabulous Fulton!

It’s arrived! My Fulton Umbrella is here and it hasn’t had to wait long for its test run.
I was woken at 4am the other morning by the clattering rain against my bedroom window and it’s the first time I have even been excited to hear rain; I knew it meant I would get to christen the Fulton.
After many years of having one soaking wet hand from holding onto my Umbrellas to try and stop them from blowing inside out, being defeated by the wind and finally resulting in the Umbrellas being thrown unceremoniously into the bin on the way to work, I decided that a solid investment had to be made.
I had no idea where to start looking as I’ve always just picked up whatever I liked the look of for as little as possible. I was - like most other women out there - under the illusion that all Umbrellas broke. Good old trusted Google pointed me in the right direction and this is how I stumbled across Fulton Umbrellas . Fulton Umbrellas hold a Royal Warrant to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and are a firm favourite at Royal events, so I thought if it’s good enough for the Queen and Kate then it’s good enough for me.


 I decided to go for the Huntsman in black, which is typically for men, but I think they ooze style and sophistication so to hell with convention. I also needed an Umbrella would go with everything as unfortunately I have neither the money or the space to have one for each outfit, unlike HRH herself. 

After only a couple of outings I can already feel the difference in the quality of the material and this, accompanied with a strengthened double steel rib frame and genuine wood handle, makes it feel very sturdy. 

If you prefer something a bit smaller and feminine I would suggest Tiny-2 Blurred Blooms, or if you prefer a clear dome umbrella then look no further than the Birdcage-1 White, which has been used by the Queen herself!
I'm sure some of you out there will be dubiously reading this and asking yourself how can I be sure of an Umbrella that has only had two outings, but this is the first time in over a decade where I have been able to walk in the rain feeling confident that I my hair will still be in place and I am not going to start work resembling a drowned rat. But the best thing about the Fulton Umbrella is that it adds to my outfit; finally I have found an Umbrella that is fashionable, functional and goes with everything!

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