Saturday, 28 September 2013

Celeb Style - Gwen Stefani

The only introduction I can give this woman is that of being one of THE most stylish women on the planet.

Since blasting onto the mainstream music scene in 1996 as the lead singer and co-founder of the hugely successful NO DOUBT, with the super catchy Don’t Speak, Gwen Stefani has shown that there is nothing that she can’t do or wear.  Covering a diverse range of music genres with NO DOUBT including ska, rock and electronica, and then going solo to create unexpected, yet critically acclaimed pop albums; Love Angel Music Baby and The Sweet Escape. Stefani also created the clothing line L.A.M.B, stared as Jean Harlow in The Aviator alongside Leonardo Dicaprio, all whilst being a wife to Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of British band Bush, and a mother of two to Kingston and Zuma.

Gwen Stafani’s clothes have been as eclectic as her career.  The famous check trousers and crop tops, beanie hats, the 'harajuku girls' inspired outfits, grown-up grunge, couture gowns; influencing her own fashion label L.A.M.B, and who could forget THAT wedding dress.  Designed by John Galliano and has since been housed at the V&A museum.  Only Stefani would manage to pull off a wedding dress with a dipped in pink hem and train.

Here are some of my favourite looks.

Check Trousers and Crop Top

Tartan AW 13 Trend

Grown-up Grunge

Glamming up a Beanie Hat

Fishtail Couture

THAT Wedding Dress by John Galliano - WOW

Who is your celeb style crush?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Winter Hats

This is my first requested post and I am truly honored that my opinion on fashion, something that I love so much, is appreciated.  Therefore I dedicate this post to Rosie Bain, the women who once dared to challenge me to a 'hat off'.  Rosie told me that she loved hats more than I did, although I'm still not convinced by her claim!.

I think hats are an all year round accessory but to some they are simply something to keep your head warm in the winter months.  Even if you think this I dare you not to fall in love with this seasons hats.  Beanies, Bobble hats, Floppy hats, Pork Pie hats, Bowler and my old favourite the Fedora are all over the high street, and they can be sure to add a stylish twist to your outfit and some cavity insulation for your brain.

Take a look at my favourites below.

Left to Right, Black Porter Hat £14 Next, Burgundy Mohair Mix Wool Bobble Hat £5.99 New Look, Faux Fur Cossack Hat £12 Next, Grey Bowler Felt Hat £14.99 New Look, M&S Tweed Baker Boy Hat £15 (My favourite), Catazari ASOS Colour Block Clouche Hat £35, Knitted Crown Clouche £29 Accessorize, Kate Belted Fedora Hat £29 Accessorize.

I have to admit I am most excited about the return of the Baker Boy Hat, very Dickensian; see Alexa Chung's most recent Vogue shoot.  It also reminds me of my first days at university where my obsession began.  It was freshers week, my loan had cleared and there really was no stopping me.  Off to Accessorize I ran (with money I am still paying back today) and bought a woollen woven blue, grey and cream baker boy hat.  Unfortunately after a few return stints living at home with my Mam I fear that the hat ended up in a charity shop bag; at least its loss was an accidental good deed.  It does however need replacing, and this is the season to do it.  I can't wait to wear this with high waisted wide-leg trousers, a shirt and braces.

So what will be keeping your head warm this winter?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumnal Saviours

It's that time of year again, the awkward summer/autumn transition. Too hot for your winter woolies but too cold for summer straps.  Knowing what to wear when it can be glorious sunshine when you leave the house, but a torrential downpour when you get to work can be a nightmare.  This is why I have put together my summer to autumn saviours and my favourites for this season.

This has to be the most valuable summer to autumn look.  You are guaranteed to be prepared for any weather eventuality.  Think vests, tees, camis with denim and check shirts, or cardigans.  Jumpers over dresses can transform an already seen dress into a deceiving jumper shirt outfit.

ASOS Fluffy Bomber Cardigan £40

Ballet pumps and slippers are living on borrowed time at this point in the fashion calender.  An imminent downpour can give a very damp start to the day with wet feet.  It's now about covered footwear and this season has some great Loafers, Brogues and Chelsea boots on offer; all of which I intend to purchase!

Dark Red Chunky Chelsea Boots £54.00 New Look

Summer Scarves
Summer scarves can add a splash of colour to any outfit and are so stylish, think back to the floral scarf given to Princess Grace of Monaco by Gucci.  Also if you are like me they help keep the tonsilitis at bay; at least there is a stylish way to do this!
Floral Square Dark Scarf £16.00 Topshop

Denim Jackets
I often find this time of year can be too warm for a leather jacket so I find a classic denim jacket or blazer is perfect.  They will go great with summer dresses and Chelsea boots or with camel coloured chino's and a striped tee.

ASOS Denim Jacket in vintage with Boring lining and Collar £55.00

I have mentioned before that I wear dresses more in the winter than the summer, which is a bit bizarre, but I do love to layer.  This year I am loving smocks.  I'm going to pair these with loafers and if I'm feeling daring enough knee high socks; and if the sun makes a rare appearance I can always whip them off.  I couldn't decide on my favourite
ASOS Smock Dress in Patchwork £36.00
ASOS Smock Dress in Check with Colour £36

 What will you be wearing this Autumn?

Friday, 6 September 2013

All Primark Outfit

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts recently, but I have been a very busy girl, however normal blogging service will be resumed as of now and I promise more regular posts!

I haven't done many outfits posts, I feel I am better suited to writing about clothes I like and what I would wear them with.  This may have something to do with my hatred of posing, it's just something I feel very uncomfortable doing.  I wish I was one of you many girls out there that felt at ease in front of the camera, but I'm not.

Still what sort of fashion blogger would I be if I didn't show you my different outfits, so I'm facing my fear and put together my very first outfit of the day post.

This outfit is all from Primark and not surprisingly costs under £50.

I bought this dress last year and it was an impulse purchase.  I wanted something to brighten up my wardrobe in the winter and this dress was guaranteed to do that.  It has a very ladylike vintage feel to it which is why it can be worn anywhere.  I have worn this to work with knee high boots or pumps and out for drinks in heels.

You all know how much I love hats; my floppy burgundy hat is one of my favourites and the 70's vibe of this hat is perfect with this vintage inspired dress.

In keeping with the vintage theme I've accessorised this with a floral fabric clutch.  I get so many compliments on this bag and people really can't believe that this is from Primark; they think that it is genuine vintage.  Others tell me it reminds them of Mary Poppin's.

You might have seen the platform peep toe shoes in a few of my other pictures and this is because they are almost perfect with anything and are so comfortable.

In the winter I often wear this with a fur gillet to top off the vintage look, feeling oh so glamorous but still warm!

Let me know what you think!