Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Winter Hats

This is my first requested post and I am truly honored that my opinion on fashion, something that I love so much, is appreciated.  Therefore I dedicate this post to Rosie Bain, the women who once dared to challenge me to a 'hat off'.  Rosie told me that she loved hats more than I did, although I'm still not convinced by her claim!.

I think hats are an all year round accessory but to some they are simply something to keep your head warm in the winter months.  Even if you think this I dare you not to fall in love with this seasons hats.  Beanies, Bobble hats, Floppy hats, Pork Pie hats, Bowler and my old favourite the Fedora are all over the high street, and they can be sure to add a stylish twist to your outfit and some cavity insulation for your brain.

Take a look at my favourites below.

Left to Right, Black Porter Hat £14 Next, Burgundy Mohair Mix Wool Bobble Hat £5.99 New Look, Faux Fur Cossack Hat £12 Next, Grey Bowler Felt Hat £14.99 New Look, M&S Tweed Baker Boy Hat £15 (My favourite), Catazari ASOS Colour Block Clouche Hat £35, Knitted Crown Clouche £29 Accessorize, Kate Belted Fedora Hat £29 Accessorize.

I have to admit I am most excited about the return of the Baker Boy Hat, very Dickensian; see Alexa Chung's most recent Vogue shoot.  It also reminds me of my first days at university where my obsession began.  It was freshers week, my loan had cleared and there really was no stopping me.  Off to Accessorize I ran (with money I am still paying back today) and bought a woollen woven blue, grey and cream baker boy hat.  Unfortunately after a few return stints living at home with my Mam I fear that the hat ended up in a charity shop bag; at least its loss was an accidental good deed.  It does however need replacing, and this is the season to do it.  I can't wait to wear this with high waisted wide-leg trousers, a shirt and braces.

So what will be keeping your head warm this winter?


  1. lovely hats! need one asap!


  2. My favourite too!!! I want that hat its immense!!! and let the hat collection speak for itself! mine don't end up in the charity bag... ;)