Saturday, 31 January 2015

30 lessons in 30 years

It finally happened: I turned 30! I can honestly say that on this rare occasion my husband was right; the thought of turning 30 is far worse than actually turning 30. Life is not like Logan’s run: life is not over! Perhaps my days of clubbing every weekend are over, but with over a decade of this under my belt, that particular Cow has well and truly been milked!
Now that the inevitable has happened - and I am a not-so-wise 30 year old - I thought I would share with you 30 things that I have learnt in my 30 years. Here goes….

1. You don’t need to see your real friends every day; nothing will change.
2. Fashions will come and go, but style is forever.
3. It’s better to be different than boring.
4. Trying to sleep, will only stop you sleeping.
5. I am turning into my Mother.
6. Its fine to not be where you thought you would be - life will get you where you are supposed to be.
7. A good Umbrella does exist; you just have to spend more than £5.00.
8. All politicians really do lie.
9. Don’t talk on your phone on the bus, it’s annoying!
10. I will never grow out of eating chocolate spread from the jar.
11. Keep your morals and your manners; they are the only thing that is truly yours.
12. Travel! You will learn and grow as a person.
13. Never do anything to impress a man, it will only end it tears.
14. Never go out with a man whose jeans are smaller than yours, or who takes longer to get ready. This will also end in tears.
15. Cutting out carbs will never work, it will make you grumpy and eventually gorge.
16. Gyms suck!
17. It is unlikely I will ever be as thin as I was on my wedding day.  I simply don’t have the motivation any more.
18. Owning your own car will spoil you.
19. Always keep the receipt from an impulse purchase.
20. Smothering people with kindness will usually work, unless they are utter arseholes.
21. Marry your best friend (not literally)!
22. Don’t buy cheap - you will end up buying twice.
23. I need chocolate every day.
24. Take advice from others, but make your own decisions.
25. If someone tells you your outfit is interesting, they actually think it’s horrible!
26. Time goes too fast! I realised this when my husband told me that it had been seven years since Heath Ledger died.
27. Earn your own money!
28. Don’t compare yourself to others, they never show you their bad side.
29. Never listen to models: things do taste as good as skinny, clearly they have never tried Reece’s Pieces.
30. Most people are muddling their way through life, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying!  

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