Sunday, 21 July 2013

My recent buys Part 1

Black and White Striped Tee
For me there is nothing more stylish than Parisian chic and this was confirmed on my honeymoon.  No I was not actually in Paris, as many of you already know, but for those of you who don't I was in Florence.  My head was well and truly turned by a girl on a bike wearing a black and white striped tee with a black puff ball skirt; fair play to the girl, I can barely manage to ride a bike well in gym gear, never mind looking stylish whilst doing it.  I instantly had to have her top; yes a little bit copycatish but this is now a wardrobe staple of mine.
The tee is from Zara and I love the fine detail that they have added, with a black neckline and the zip at the back.  It works with so much; my mates would happily confirm this.  I've worn this with a black leather skirt, white jeans, and most recently with my Zara shorts and not surprisingly my Fedora Hat.

Zara Shorts
I've toyed with the idea of shorts for many years and I've finally found a pair that suit me; this has taken quite a lot of effort as I was not blessed with thin legs.  I surprised myself that Zara became my shorts saviour as I sometimes find that their sizes can be somewhat unforgiving, but they are so flattering; I think the wide leg helps.  I love the colour, perfect for the heatwave that we are having and I intend to wear them in the winter too, with a nice pair of thick tights and a over sized jumper.  They go great with my black and white striped tee but also my floral sleeveless vest from Primark.

Black Loafers
I was utterly inspired by my visit to the Gucci Museum in Florence, and yes there were many historical monuments but Gucci is my place of worship.  The dresses on display were out of this world and were screaming to be touched much to the anger of the security guards, but it was with the horse bit loafers that I fell in love.  Unfortunately my purse does not quite stretch to the £365 required for the anniversary special but Primark never lets me down.  I picked these up for a bargain £10. I wear these with everything, dark jeans and a blazer, white trousers, maxi skirts and shorts.  The best £10 I have ever spent!


  1. Love the third outfit! :)
    Love your blog too! :)
    Amy xx

  2. Hi Cara,
    Thanks again for the Liebster Nomination, I've posted my answers now on my blog, hope you enjoy reading them and I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Shannon xxx

  3. Hey Amy
    Sorry for the very late reply. Been so busy!
    Your blog is fab and I love your floral dress from New Look.
    I'm following you on bloglovin, looking forward to more posts, would love a follow

  4. Hey Shannon

    Your welcome on the nomination, very much deserved.
    Keep the posts coming xx

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