Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My new buys Part 2

So I've gone a bit crazy on buying clothes this month thanks to left over money from Honeymoon, so thank you very much to everyone who contributed, not only did I get to visit Italy but I got to update my wardrobe, you have made me a very happy girl!  This is why I decided to do this post as a two parter.

Sheer Floral Jumper.
For those of you that read my blog and have seen my twitter pictures you will know that I am a bit obsessed by floral; I'm starting to think that some sort of floral therapy may be in order but I had to feed my addiction once more and my hit came in the shape of this sheer floral jumper from Primark.  Primark have some amazing floral designs but this sheer jumper really stood out for me, clearly this had nothing to do with it being at the entrance of the shop.  I've had so many compliments on it and people can't believe it's from Primark.  What's great about the top is how versatile it is; I can dress up a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans with kitten heels, but dress down my Zara colottes.

Floral Midi Dress
Ok you've got me, I have already blogged about this dress in my ASOS sale post, but it really is that special. I was true to my word, I bought it, wore it for my girls night out and loved it.
End of!

White Cigarette Pants
I'm always a bit wary white trousers and white clothing in general, even though I absolutely I adore it; mostly because I am such a clutz, but also because white isn't the most flattering of colours, however I could not resist these.  I usually wear these trousers with a feminine blouse and stiletto heels, but I think that a statement t-shirt would look great with them and add a certain edge to them.  I'm considering buying the matching jacket next month to make it a white trouser suit, what are your thoughts?

I think I might have enough floral clothes now; it was only as I was adding these pictures that I realised that every outfit has floral in it.  Off to floral rehab I go!

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