Friday, 3 April 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Catwalk Trends on the High Street

Spring is supposedly on it's way!  Vogue says so, therefore it must be true, but, with gale force winds keeping me up half of the night I'm not so sure.  I've decided that the only way to get me through - what feels like - the longest winter ever, is to daydream of what I will be able to wear when the sunny North East reaches the glorious highs of 14 degrees.

I'm usually more in favour of Autumn/Winter clothes; there are only so many times you can see people wearing a maxi skirt and vest before you start to feel as though you have been transported back to 2005.  But ten years on, the Spring /Summer collections have finally managed to excite me: stripes galore, double denim, wide-leg trousers and all-white dressing (go on, I dare you!).

What's not to love?

Check out some of my favourite Spring/Summer trends that can be found on the High Street!

Chic Wide-leg Trousers from Oasis £45.00

70's Wide-Leg Striped Tailored Trousers from Next £50

Jasmine Midi Denim Dress from Oasis £45.

Tailored D Ring Culottes from Oasis £55.00

Gingham oversized shirt from Zara £17.99

Triple Stripe T-shirt from Oasis £18.00

Utility Jumpsuit from Oasis £55.00

White bandeau organza dress from H&M £59.99
What are your favourite Spring/Summer 2015 trends?

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