Sunday, 30 June 2013

Inside my handbag

I’ve let you lovely people into my suitcase, I showed you what I actually wore on holiday and now I’m going to let you see inside my handbag.  I will be honest and say that once I had seen the contents of this myself I questioned whether to do this post at all, or to add a few items in to make it look more interesting, but I decided against both of these things, as I hate liars and wannabe’s and this way you will get to know a bit more about me.

I’ve had this bag for years as I don’t own that many, simply because I struggle to find ones that I like, so when I do I generally tend to stick with it till the handle falls off (yes, gasp in the horror).  I bought this from Accessorize and I think it was about £35, which for me is a lot to spend on a bag but it has been worth it; its simplicity works very well with the majority of my day wear.  I also love brown accessories rather than black as I think it gives a more vintage and aged feel to them.   Simplicity and vintage, two things that are key to my style.

My purse is from River Island, the front design may have given this away.  I bought this purse when I decided I was turning into a semi adult.  Prior to this purse I had a coin purse which had nowhere to put any cards (that would probably be a good thing now; prevent the credit card spending), everything was just thrown in together cards, notes, cash and anything else that would fit in there.  I love the mock croc design that is so subtle you can only see it if you look close enough; I’m not one for overtly garish prints, but sneakily on the inside there is a gorgeous leopard print lining.  Cost £25.

Well I listened to the advert and went to Specsavers, and really did buy one pair and got one free, but my favourite pair are my timberland glasses.  I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember other than a few instances in my teenage years when I thought they weren’t cool; how little did I know.  Thankfully as an adult I get to choose my own glasses and they no longer resemble anything like my childhood glasses, which were circular burgundy frames that matched the colour of my school cardigan (you can only imagine the torment).  My glasses are probably the most expensive thing in my bag but they are worth every penny; my friend Anne-Marie always tells me how sexy I look in them, maybe she should get her eyes tested.  Cost £120

This card was given to me by my lovely friend Gavin Kent and upon his recommendation my husband (Jamie) and I went for dinner there.  We went for the lunchtime special which is 2 courses for a tenner and it was amazing.  Jamie and I both love fancy restaurants but now that we are saving for a mortgage we are having to make a few cut backs, so no more full priced fine dining for us; lunchtime and early bird specials it is.  Regardless of the offer the food was outstanding as was the service.  I had a salmon terrine to start and a pea and mint risotto for main, and it was delicious.  I would definitely recommend a visit here if you are in Newcastle, and afterwards you can pop next door to The Biscuit Factory if you fancy browsing some art. Cost £0.00

I adore oversized sunglasses.  Not only do the hide a multitude of sins they make you face look smaller; the bigger the glasses the smaller the face.  I found these in the bargain bin in Primark (I didn’t know there was such a thing, I thought it was all bargains) for my holiday to Barcelona last year, and they cost me a pound.  Ideal for me as I do have a tendency to sit on my glasses, my mother will vouch for this.  I fell in love with them instantly as they reminded me of something that Farah Fawcett would wear and I love her style; I usually have the fringe/bangs to prove it which will be getting cut back in very soon.  Cost £1.00

Myself and my husband work in the same office, and unfortunately for me Jamie has put his foot down and I now have to do some of the driving to work; I am no longer Miss Daisy and no matter how confident a driver I feel, I find there is something quite intimidating about having a male passenger.  My journey to work usually takes an hour and this is on the busiest motorway in Newcastle, the A1M, so I find that an extra splash of deodorant is needed once I arrive at work! £1.00

I am a sufferer of chapped lips, probably because I never shut up, so this cherry lip butter from Marks and Spencer was the perfect stocking present from my Mother-in-Law.  It tastes and smells beautiful and I always get compliments on this at work.  Cost: it was a gift.

This compact hair brush is a steal.  Nope it wasn’t a bargain, I actually stole this from my friend Heather on a night out, and even though she already knows that I have it, I have told her that she is not allowed it back.  It is amazing so small but gets all of the knots of my hair and has a mirror inside too, so once I’ve got my locks looking luscious I can check myself out in the mirror (something that I am a bit of a fan of doing, sorry!). Cost: stolen.

I could not get through the day at work without my earphones.  Luckily my day job allows the radio so I have BBC 6music for company.  I tend not to spend a lot on earphones simply because I have ran over the wire in my chair one too many times and broken them.  I have now taken to using the free pair from work or stealing Jamie’s (I realising how much I steal as I’m writing this). Cost: Stolen/Borrowed.

Our very changeable British weather dictates that an umbrella must be carried at all times, however my umbrella that I am proud of is not handbag friendly.  I am currently carrying this very unstylish brown umbrella that I bought on my honeymoon in an act of desperation due to an impromptu monsoon, but hey, as long as it keeps my hair and clothes dry it is doing its job! Cost: €4.00

Last but certainly not least, my phone.  I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and this literally has my life in it so I really should have insurance on this.  Without this my blog would not exist; no camera, no twitter and no memo pad.  Definitely time to get the insurance! £245.00

So there you have it, the contents of my handbag which total £427.00 (with an additional €4 - more than I thought).  I hope you have got to know me a little better, whether this is a good or a bad thing, you decide.

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  1. I like how you are able to keep a lot of important things handy on a single bag. =) Other women would even consider acquiring a handbag insurance because they carry with them expensive stuff but in your case, you only kept the most important things. =)