Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lauren Pope interview - Newcastle Fashion Week 2013

Well what a week it has been! My baby NE_StyleSmart is barely a week old, and I have received the VIP treatment at Fashion Front Row, goody bags galore, endless catwalk shows, and an interview with Essex’s finest, Lauren Pope.  Lauren is the face of Nikki Lissoni UK, a new jewellery range that I absolutely love, and she was brave enough to visit the North twice for Newcastle Fashion week 2013, not even letting Saturday’s torrential downpour stop her.

How have you found Newcastle?
I haven’t really got to see much of it, but I was here for Newcastle fashion week last week.

How did you find that? Was there anything that particularly stood out, and how did it compare to Essex fashion week?
I really enjoyed it; Newcastle seems to be a lot more fashion forward, whereas Essex fashion week was a lot more Essex glam.   There were a few vintage stalls that I really liked [in Newcastle].

Who is your Style icon?
I’ve got a few.
Blake Lively
Kate Bosworth
Olivia Palermo, she always looks amazing, but as if she’s just thrown it together.  Do you think she has help?  She must have a little bit of help.

Since I am such a fan of structured reality TV it was no surprise that Lauren and I started chatting about The City and The Hills.  It seems that being in a The Only Way is Essex has not stopped her interest in other reality shows as she talked to me about Heidi Pratt’s friendship’s on The Hills, and her marriage to Spencer. 

LP “Didn’t Audrina come out as saying that she was an actress paid to be Heidi’s friend”

CT “I think Heidi might need to pay people to be her friend”

LP “She doesn’t need friends, she’s got Spencer”,

CT “on their own little Island together”

Kate Bosworth

Blake Lively

What item of clothing could you not live without?
Ooh only one? That’s hard.
I would have to say skinny jeans and a blazer, as you can always dress them up and dress them down, also a really nice fitting white t-shirt.  I’ve got a one from Zara and it’s got a hole in it and I’m gutted.

What is your favourite accessory?
Nikki Lissoni Jewellery, and I do love a chunky watch, and a statement necklace.

Lauren is clearly up on the fashion rules as she joked “the bigger the watch, the skinnier the wrist”

Do you think that London is the best city for fashion?
For cool fashion, maybe the Shoreditch look I would definitely say London, but when it comes to chicness you can’t beat Paris.  There are a million Olivia Palermo in Paris; they are on a whole other level.

Olivia Palermo

How would you describe your style?
I would say in the last year my style has changed a lot, and being on the show we get sent more stuff so you can experiment, and there are more reasons to dress up.  It depends what mood I’m in.  Sometimes I like to be laid back, and others I like a pair of chunky biker boots.  I always have like a glam element to it, so I’m not a total grunger.

What are you wearing today?
Skirt and boots Zara, jumper H&M, Nikki Lissoni necklace, Holler Watch, and my own hair extensions

To say I was a bit apprehensive is an understatement as this was my first time interviewing a celebrity, but I need not have worried.  Lauren was lovely, far more down to earth than I had imagined and it seems that Lauren Pope is a high street girl at heart, as a running joke amongst her friends is “where did you get that from? Zara? [In unison].  Lauren instantly put me at ease, and what was supposed to be an interview felt as though I was chatting with one of the girls.


  1. Well get you, mingling with the stars! Love this.

    1. Haha i was a tad nervous to say the least, cheers for the RT