Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wedding Dresses on the High Street

I recently got married so I am only too aware of the large pot of cash that is needed, and that as soon as you put the word wedding in front of anything the prices increases four fold.  If like me you don't have parents that have limitless plastic and you aren't on mega bucks, finding the money to pay for this can be a little bit stressful to say the least; I still have the bags under my eyes to prove it.  This is why I have decided to do a 3 part high street wedding special for Bridal Wear, Bridesmaid dresses, and Mother of the Bride.

True to my word I wanted to find you the what is in the shops in Newcastle so I spent Saturday afternoon window shopping for wedding dresses.

Monsoon now have an amazing occasion range which is situated upstairs in the Eldon Square store, and some of their dresses made me very envious that I hadn't been made aware of these earlier, as my bank balance would be looking a lot healthier.  Here are my favourites.

Petruska Dress
Rosella Bridal Dress
Kora Embellished Bridal Dress
Rosetta Bridal Dress

It is amazing that all of these dresses are priced under £400; a mere quarter of the average price that you would be expecting to pay in a boutique.  My favourite has to the Grecian Kora Embellished Dress, very Helen of Troy, followed in a close second Rosella Bridal Dress; there is something very Austen-esque about this dress with the laced caped sleeves, inner bodice with sequin floral embroidery and pearl beading.

If the typical wedding dress is not what you are looking for and you would prefer a more low key dress then look no further than Monsoon's day wear, Next and Miss Selfridge.


The crochet dress from Monsoon would be perfect for a garden wedding.  Next's lace dress may be a bit of  a daring length for a bride but for a 60's inspired wedding this would look amazing.  If you dream of escaping to a white sandy beach (trust me I considered it) I think this maxi dress would be perfect; simple and stunning with bare feet and a single lily in your hair.

Miss Selfridge have again surprised me with their Designed By collection.  The white maxi mesh panelled dress is very hippy chic; perfect for the oh-so trendy wedding in your local farmers field, and their cream frill maxi dress with floral embroidery is beautiful, and if you want to add a splash of colour to your wedding this is ideal with the peach under dress.

Lace Insert Dress

Embroidered Frill Maxi Dress
So as you can see if your budget will not stretch to the boutiques prices there are still plenty of gorgeous dresses to choose from, no matter what type of bride you are; with what is on the high street you are guaranteed to be stylish one.

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